We are a community of Christ-followers that is dedicated, through grace, to love God and love all people.  We want you to experience that love. You may be surprised to learn that we are an all-volunteer church. We don't really want a singular voice speaking to & for The Gathering because we believe we are a body and that all members of the body can and should serve the other members.  Plus, we don't have to pay salaries so we have more money to give to those in our community and world who are in need.  It's different here, and we hope you like the different. 

So join us on Sundays at 10am for worship, communion, prayer and fellowship.  

Summer 2022 at The Gathering: The Sermon on the Mount is probably the best-know part of the teachings of Jesus though arguable it is the least understood, and certainly it is the least  obeyed. It is the nearest thing to a manifesto that he ever uttered for it is his own description of what he wanted his followers to be and to do.

Service time: 10am

Join us at 14439 Mono Way, Sonora